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It was under the impetus of Vincent ANDRE, airline pilot and member of the National French Advanced Aerobatic Team that the “Fury Flight 59th Squadron” program was born. The desire to share the amazing sensations of a flying activity, usually reserved for the elite of top athlete pilots, has become possible thanks to the Extra 330 LT, a very high-performance aerobatic two-seater aircraft.

With several podiums in the World and European Championships, Vince promises you unforgettable thrilling flights, evolving in the sky to the rhythm of aerobatic figures adapted in real time to your own desires for dynamism. Come and experience the sensations of fighter pilots, astronauts and aerobatic pilots. The famous “G” promise to transform your thrilling flight into an unforgettable memory.

Do you want more, and become the pilot of your thrilling flight? It is possible, and take control thanks to the “pilot option”.

Do not hesitate any longer, make your dreams of freedom a reality.

Fury flight vol a sensations


Aerobatics is the basis of your thrilling flight. But what is aerobatics? It is a flying activity which consists of using an airplane to perform 3-dimensional figures in the sky in front of a panel of judges, just like figure skating. Aerobatics was born in France in September 1913, when test pilot Adolphe Pégoud performed the first loop.

The air force then appropriated aerobatics as a method of combat for aerial battles, a far cry from the thrilling flights of today. Nowadays, aerobatics has become a sport.

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The flight techniques as well as the advanced technology of the aerobatic planes make it possible to offer amazing performances all in safety to carry out flights with unforgettable sensations. During your thrilling flights, the maneuvers used will come directly from this

For nearly half a century, French pilots have excelled in international aerobatic competitions, and successive French teams have shared the highest steps of the podiums. For your thrilling flights, trust Fury Flight, whose pilots are aerobatic champions.

Fury flight vol a sensations et voltige aerienne
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